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The rumba is the vertical expression of a horizontal wish. You have to hold her, like the skin on her thigh is your reason for living. Let her go, like your heart's being ripped from your chest. Throw her back, like you're going to have your way with her right here on the dance floor. And then finish, like she's ruined you for life.

We need a witness to our lives. There's a billion people on the planet... I mean, what does any one life really mean? But in a marriage, you're promising to care about everything. The good things, the bad things, the terrible things, the mundane things... all of it, all of the time, every day. You're saying, 'Your life will not go unnoticed because I will notice it. Your life will not go un-witnessed because I will be your witness'.


From:  Shall We Dance?

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I think i have de-jetlagged. Its not 12 yet, and I'm sleepy. I feel homesick (home = vancouver). I dont knwo why. And its not like "I'm back for christmas," because we dont celebrate. no festivites here.
Last night was great though. I still have to clean up my basement. Paints every where. Oh and my guitar. Havent opened my case yet, hopefully the strings arent screwed. I really dont wanna trek my butt to port credit. I actually miss living there. It was beautiful. too many times I've moved *sigh*
I saw Chronicles of Narnia today. It blowed.
And I don't know, it just wasnt the same. Everyone was there. Mishal, Samir, Darien, All star, Saad, Beryl (thats not everyone I know). May be I've changed. I thought it would be soo much fun meeting everyone. It was aurite. I was thinkign about meeting my friends last night. I saw Elaine, that was nice. And Anuradha. I've known here for the longest time, but I think i know her the least. may be I dont try. saad is an awesome dude.
But all of it; it's just not the same. Everyones different, and just liek all change, it's not welcome.
Guess I didnt have anything to come back to. Mom and dad and brother and a big house that I had lived in for 15 days.
Painting helps. I shoudl paint more. I painted last night at 3:00am. Different. I used reds and purples and yellows. Look at me, I'm daring.
I think I'm gonna be in all day tomorrow. Get my biotech questionnaire ready, for year 2 in Vancouver CITAI! Health plan, figuring out. Summer Job, OMG i better get to work. Hair cut appointment. Phone bills. Budgetting. Results out on teh 22nd.
Must call sana and Jay tomorrow.
I miss my saturday morning runs.
ahhh look at me im pathetic. Mississauga= home!!!!

1:01am now (in my defense i was on msn...freely--i really dont take that long to write this much)
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11 30 pm now
April just left my room after playing about 50 games of speed and drinking tang with no additives.
Becky was over too. There are merely 30 days to her 20th bday...I just wished her happy countdown:P
Shruti and So are "studyin like assholes" right now. Fucking themselves. I went over earlier to make them something to eat. How sweet am i? (I think it was more me rubbing the fact that I just finished 80% of my exams in their faces).
I watched Princess Bride earlier. After "fucking" (sexual terminology for how our exams went) the English exam ("I fucked it" means I did good. "It fucked me" means I failed. Mutual fucking = 50%). Oh i screwed that 7 page paper. Front, back, centre, you name it. I think that went well.
I love my floories. We have such a family, caring relationship.
Math fucked me however. Leaving me with neither sensation of pleasure nor pain. But thats over.
The movie was good. Very cute.
I am happy now. Even being nice to my neighbour (the one who keeps telling me to keep it down). Kinda very sleepy right now, which is strange because I've been sleeping at 2 all these nights. I shall watch what shruti wants me to now (some boys taking their clothes off) and will be off to sleep.
So happy that this is over until the 16th. This studying shall be more relaxing (if thats possible).
I love LJ. I love ranting here. After I update, I feel all collected. Like I dont give a damn if someone hears my problems and joys out, I have spilled them somewhere.
I shall wake up early tomorrow.

11 39 now
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1 18am now
i finished bio at 10 30am (early: exam ended at 11am) Hung with people who were cursing the fact that I was leaving 2 hours after my last exam. Big plans to get wasted. big plans that i can't join in. Met new ppl today actually. "so YOU'RE priya from toronto!" They look at me weird when i try to explain, everyone knows where mississauga is.
After a nap and a shower and a meal, i sat down to study at the boardrooms. (i talked to sana today!!!big plans! can't wait :P)
in these hours, i finished 4 only questions and not even one chapter. GRR. I screwed up the last midterm (one of 3) meaning that i need to study that material over.
I just can't anymore. I mean for chem and bio it was fine. My third one in a row. I can't anymore. I just wanna curl up in my bed and rot.
my head just spun.
stress is no good for me.
lack of sleep really gets me. everything fucks up. especially my mood...not cool.
I feel like im complaining over nothing. But i must vent. I must collect thoughts and do something not so stressful.
tomorrow i swear im going to bfast 8 30 and will reach library at 9! Hopefully tomorrow is more productive
priya is dying

1 35am
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Tomorrow Morning: Chemistry Final

Friday Morning: Biology Final

Saturday Morning:  Math Final

Sunday:  Finish term long reading assignments

Monday at noon:  English Final

Tuesday: Pack and study

Wednesday: Pack and study

Thursday:  Study

Friday morning:  Physics Final

Friday evening:  Pack and get outta hea


This library is F-ing cold.


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I went on msn last night
curse me
hit me
slap me
spank me ;)
but not again
never again till im bloody done my exams
no one i talk to was really online.
so i just ended up talking to sana's boyfriend ;)
he's a cool dude
i feel so small talking to him. Like i'm 2 and he's 12. like im 15 and hes 25. how much older is he than me?

anyway today i must work like an ox.

good luck on all your shit guys. (shit = midterm, exams and papers). I hope that you are blessed with better time management skills than I have been.

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I love the crunch of ice crystals under my feet.
I love drinking hot chocolate--condensation on my nose.
I love when the white chocolate chip cookies melt in my mouth.
I love when my ears thaw when i get inside.
I love living in the warmest city in Canada.
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I have boycotted MSN. It's the anti christ.
for until my exams are done. Not uninstalling however, just in case file transfers need to be carried out. Believe me I will NOT be tempted!
Instead i will engage in less time consuming well engagements, like updating LJ, writing emails to my precious friends and my brother (as mom is anti computer). I will also download songs that i love. fatten my self up for exams. May be watch ONE movie. Only one.
oh and study for exams.
phew exams.
I dont have a single clue about how to manage my time. I feel the overwhleming need to sleep every minute of every day. sleep is the more beautiful gift given, the most pleasurable activity (yes its better than sex).

I called lance yesterday. Twas nice. He's such a bug (no i will not define that).

I wanted to do so much yesterday. Pft, didnt happen.
Just came back from my very last chem lab...for this term. You have no idea how much i hated it. The TA, the monsterous equipement, teh FUCKING PRELAB QUIZES--oh thank God its over.

My crush on overly smart and cute biology guy is growing. (mind you i havent said hi yet). He is also in my physics class. God he's beautiful. I had a dream about him. where he told me his name, and i remember too. If i ask him his name and it matches up then we are MEANT FOR EACH OTHER! and if not, then too we are made for each other. :P
whats with me and atheletic guys? I gotta stop it. (after im done with them they turn to lard and i go get a daring hair cut).Bio guy runs...cross country. *stars in eyes*

ooh what kinda haircut should i get? Of course when im in toronto (cuz its cheaper:P). God forbid i colour my hair? could i? noo. *raises eyebrows in overly provocating manner*

I think i'll nap now and then when im back at 5 after class. I'll go to the library, till they kick me out. Pack something to eat and drink. indeed, thats what i'll do.

I need to make a list of things to do and things to buy when i'm home. And things to take from here. Oh tomorrow is gonna be a busy day. I need to figure out the timings of my contacts place. *grunt* takes sooo long ot get there. grr.

I like when things are planned. Tis great.


Oh i must self groom and clean room.
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